Welcome to Lingma Consturction & Engineering Limited

Lingma Construction is a manpower supply and civil construction company serving the Hong Kong Construction Industry since 1998.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in the local construction industry, we specialize in the supply of skilled workers and technicians for tunnel construction and major civil engineering projects. In our database and throughout our networks, we have a large number of highly experienced skilled workers and tradesmen. We also carry out subcontract works for tunnel formwok-shuttering and concereting works.

Late Mr K B Linkha has served the construction industry in Hong Kong since 1998 and has gained a great deal of knowledge relating to labour and construction matters.

Mr Krishna Rajbhandari has worked on 5 major tunneling, bridge and power plant projects in conjunction with MTR, the Highways and Power Industry for last 18yrs. In addition, he has also worked on several large European projects.

At Lingma Construction, we personalize each project ensuring you get the right people for your project. Our director have knowledge and experience of both local and international services and supplies and can support you when necessary. We work very closely with all our clients, regularly monitoring the quality of our service and production to ensure it is of a high standard.